Account Planning Assistance

In all B2B companies, the Account Planning exercise is an important step for Go to Market exercise.

After the target market has been defined, there are 2 broad steps involved in Account planning:

1. Gathering a broad list of target accounts with medium to high level information on each of the accounts

2A. Sending out emails/ surveys/ video sales engagement/ online ads to leads from the shortlisted accounts derived from Step 1

2B. Doing a more thorough research of the accounts subsequent to a shortlist derived from Step 1 above

It is observed that most companies prefer to take the Step 2A approach, and a few, mainly enterprise class companies offering high value products and services adopt Step 2B, or a combination of 2A and 2B.

How we assist you in Account planning:

Based on your target market definition, we can come out with a list of the target accounts that are likely to be a suitable fit.

We provide a set of medium to high level information set about each of these target accounts, which shall vastly aid your Account Planning exercise (Steps 2A/2B) outlined above.

Typically, you would be providing us your target market information such as:

- Industry or Industries

- Countries or regions

- Employee or Revenue size


We can provide you the Account Planning information in the following template:


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