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SYZYGY Consulting

A Celestial Alignment of Global Health Research, Innovation, and Impact"

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SYZYGY, n. “the nearly straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies”

Who we are?

Syzygy Consulting (Syzygy) has been founded by senior professionals in the field of Public Health dedicated to bridging the pillars of healthcare, intertwining service delivery with health financing and information.

With a quarter-century of innovation and leadership, we stand at the forefront of global health improvement and health sector fortification. Our team, led by distinguished professionals in health financing, economics and policy analysis from around the world, has the collective expertise to create transformative solutions that resonate across public health and social sectors.

We are a consulting company with the expertise to undertake assignments directed towards strengthening health systems and facilitating universal health coverage, ensuring financial protection and equitable access for all. We actively work with our clients to reach their organizational objectives.  

What we do

Our services are tailor-made to support the complex needs of the policy makers, senior public health administrators, international organizations, NGOs, academic establishments, and private institutions.


We specialize in:

  • Economic evaluations

  • Cost-effective strategies for creating/ evaluating health programs.

  • Costs, Budgets, and financing for health strategies

  • Resource tracking and expenditure analysis

  • Health financing analysis and policy formulation

We are your strategic partners in conducting needs assessments, shaping health policy, formulating and managing robust partnerships, scaling up interventions, and creating impactful training packages, standards, and guidelines. Join us as we continue to explore new horizons, guided by our celestial alignment, propelling global health forward, one innovative solution at a time.

What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of innovation, underscored by rigorous research and a genuine desire to create a global impact. We strive to transform ideas into actionable strategies. 

Our team of skilled consultants and partners from around the world reflects our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, mirroring the global landscape we aspire to serve.

Our Global Reach

With projects across Asia, Africa, and South America, and almost all regions capacitated through engaging training programs, our footprint is truly global.




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Clients that we have worked with include:

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

  • United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF)

  • World Bank (WB)

  • Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and development (OECD)

  • Ministries of Health and Social Protection for various governments

  • Institute for Human Development, India

  • National Health System Resource Center, India

  • Institute for Economic Growth, India

  • National Institute for Public Finance and Policy, India

  • Aarushi Charitable Trust for Children, India

  • Price Waterhouse Coopers, India

  • Management Sciences for Health, USA

  • Abt Associates, USA

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • University of Delhi, India

  • Harvard University, USA

  • Rutgers University, USA


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