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Linkedin Enrichment

You spent countless hours, over months and years sending out or accepting Linkedin invites from fellow colleagues and peers.

But the way things stand today, most of your ex-colleagues and peers have now moved on to new companies.


You had a great equation with them, built over time. 


Wouldn't you want to know which companies your Linkedin contacts currently work at?

And go beyond the names of the companies they work for, to include even what the companies are involved in and more...

If this makes sense, you may need the Linkedin Enrichment service we provide.

Now, lets see what Linkedin provides:

li provides.png

As you can see - when you export your list of contacts in Linkedin, you just get the company name.

However, to better understand the companies your companies work at, we enrich your Linkedin records with more information

  • Industry

  • Revenue

  • # of Employees

  • Founded year

  • Company Description

  • Company Ownership/Investment stage

  • Company website

  • Company Linkedin url

  • (Website) Traffic Rank

  • Company City, Country

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