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Brands In Focus provides sophisticated B2B Sales Account planning.

We deliver unmatched information and insight within days.

Identify the companies that can fulfill your Revenue targets

Focus on fast-growing private companies, preferably with higher valuations and funding

Find your Ideal Customer Profile...

                            Then look further >>

Detect companies with sizable investment in focus functions, the ones relevant to your offerings

Talk to and convert companies with brand equity even in their niches >> target to have them as references

Know which companies are exhibiting signals of online interest in areas of relevance to you

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Score & Segment Accounts

Score and Prioritize your accounts. Segment them across a multitude of important criteria

Displace competition

Identify accounts researching competition

Run your ABM programs

Easily determine the right campaigns for an Account; targeted, relevant messaging

Equip Sales with Precise Knowledge

Save your Sales people precious hours of research; Equip them with relevant knowledge and talking points


Brands In Focus
Adding Real Value to B2B Sales teams within days

Our mission is to help your Sales pipeline become truly robust and to help your sales people succeed.

We do this by mining the ocean of companies, both private and public. We look for companies that match your criteria of Ideal Customer Profile.

We don't stop there, we look further:

We look for companies that have specific traits which align them with your offerings and business goals.

We look into a variety of data sources: Firmographics, Financials, Growth, Function level and more.

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Company profile

Employee size, Location, Industry, Age of company

Online presence

Website Ranking, Web Technology spend, App downloads

Commerce model

Companies with online commerce model

Companies with offline (on-ground) stores

Growth and ambition

  Company growth, Acquisitions

Investment in focus function

Size of Target functions, presence of important roles

(Click here for details)

Interest match

Interest signals, Patent filings

Financials & Funding

Revenue range, External funding, Valuations, M&A (Got Acquired)


I have a work experience of 20 years across Product and Solutions management, Presales and Entrepreneurship. I have created new business streams at leading companies.

As the economy is stagnating and fresh funds are hard to come by, most organizations have a remit to streamline sales operations and maximize yield from every dollar put in. This is only achievable with sophisticated Sales Intelligence, applied in a timely manner.


Brands In Focus is designed for identifying the most precise target account set and deeper knowhow on shortlisted accounts.

Kapil Garg


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